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Profile 1 - Ashlie Corcoran

.By Christine Hamelin with photography by Bernard Clark

A lifelong learner who lends her considerable enthusiasm to every project she undertakes, theatre director Ashlie Corcoran has learned how to strike while the iron is hot. She’s also no stranger to hard work. “Working hard is my talent,” she says modestly. But her tremendous success at such a young age suggests that she brings more than her work ethic to the table.

Ashlie, a sparkling, smiling young woman, and her older brother, Sean, grew up in White Rock, British Columbia, on the ocean. A former World Hockey Association referee, her father, Paul, worked as
a banker; and her mother, Dawn, was a Welcome Wagon hostess. “She did home visits and organized bridal shows, for which she won awards. She was really organized — I always think she’d have been a great theatre producer.”

Although there was a ventriloquist and an opera singer in her extended family, “we weren’t brought up in a bohemian way. . . .

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