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Profile 1 - Christine Harvey

.By Melanie Dugan with photography by Randy deKleine-Stimpson

“I have a hard time limiting myself,” says Christine Harvey, and it’s easy to believe. Her energetic, enthusiastic manner is coupled with an underlying calm, acquired, no doubt, during her time in theatre; here is someone who has learned to cope with sudden changes at the last minute. Her motto, she says, grinning, is, “There are no mistakes in theatre if you don’t tell the audience.” She has the focus required to conceptualize projects, as well as the pragmatism, born of experience, needed to bring those plans to reality. Someone who is clearly happy to dive into the nitty-gritty, Christine knows how to build from the ground up; she is capable of stepping in with a solution as circumstances require, but she is also prepared to stand back and help others problem solve in the pursuit of their own vision.

A quick glance at her resumé confirms that her interests are eclectic. Since 2012, she has served as coordinator of the Kiwanis Music Festival. She is the founder of the Not So Amateur Amateurs young people’s theatre company, for which she writes and co-directs. She has written more than 70 theatre pieces, including 13 full-length musicals. She has authored monologues, TV series scripts and short film scripts. She has acted in commercials and videos and has directed over 300 children’s plays. She was writer and director of a play written to raise awareness to combat the spread of malaria that was performed for Prime Minister Trudeau. . . .

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