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Profile 1 - André Scheinman

.By Anne Ginn with photography by Bernard Clark

André Scheinman’s influence in Kingston is pervasive yet subtle. As a heritage preservation consultant, he has had a hand in maintaining the historic image of the city with projects such as St. George’s Cathedral, City Hall and the Tett Centre. His career in heritage preservation has taken him across Ontario, and with over 35 years of experience and knowledge of historic architecture, materials and building methods, André is the go-to expert for historic building conservation. His interest in the field, though, is only one part of his life, which revolves around nature and an openness to new experiences.

While André’s consultancy firm is based in Kingston, his home is north of the city in the woods at the edge of Buck Lake. Originally, a city boy from Toronto, his attraction to the isolation of the wilderness seems unlikely. André, growing up in the ’50s and ’60s, was an only child, and his mother read the romantics to him, exposing him to the works of writers such as Thoreau, Emerson and William Blake and instilling in him a sense of marvel with the natural world. . . .

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