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Profile 1 - Kris Abbott

.By Christine Hamelin with photography by Bernard Clark

"My whole life, I’ve been driven by instinct, and everything wonderful in my life has come from following that instinct,” muses Kris Abbott. Her journey has taken her from growing up in a small town to enjoying an international music career, and then returning to her roots and carving out a peaceful, organic life in Kingston. Kris says that she and her partner, Dee, now “make music because of our life, rather than making a life around music.”

Kris was born and raised in the charming town of Perth. “We lived right on the waterfall in the heart of town; that was our backyard,” she says, and this fostered a lifelong desire to live by the water. Her
father, Aiden, was an importer-exporter of textile fabrics with an office in town; her mother, Enid, ran his office. Kris and her two sisters were close, and still are. “We had a beautiful home and a good life. It was awesome.”

Even before Kris could talk, her parents would put her in front of the television during American Bandstand, “and I’d be jumping and singing to the music., . . ."

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