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Profile 1 - Kim Siemonsen

.By Nancy Dorrance with photography by Randy deKleine-Stimpson

It’s your worst nightmare come true. An elderly member of your family, suffering from advanced dementia, suddenly goes missing and you have no idea where she or he might have wandered. You know that timing is critical for your loved one’s safe return. What do you do?

Thanks to a proactive initiative spearheaded in September 2018 by Kingston Police officer Kim Siemonsen, help is at hand for local families facing such a dilemma.

With support from the Alzheimer Society of Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington, Kim and fellow officer Jody Armstrong organized a Vulnerable Persons Registry to assist families in the area caring for people with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, autism or other conditions that might cause them to wander away from home. The registry, modelled on programs in Ontario, gives police instant access to a missing person’s name, age, photo and other details on mobile data terminals in their cruisers.

“We wanted to have that information at our fingertips so that officers could fan out quickly to do a search,” Kim explains. “Often in a time of crisis, when people are under stress, information doesn’t flow as easily.”. . .

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