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Profile 1 - Dianne Dowling

.By Melanie Dugan with photography by Randy deKleine-Stimpson

"The core of my passion in working on food and farm issues is that I believe every community has to improve its ability to feed itself. Building food self-sufficiency is essential to guaranteeing overall self-sufficiency and self-reliance. Climate change has made the environment unpredictable; we can’t be sure of transportation and commerce, so it’s in our best interests to safeguard the food supply,” says Dianne Dowling. “It can even be seen as a public safety and an emergency preparedness issue. We’ve witnessed what has happened elsewhere when there was a shortage of food.

“It’s also a social justice issue: I believe everybody deserves to be able to eat good, healthy food.”

Dianne has the focused, direct manner of someone accustomed to juggling many projects at the same time, who isn’t going to waste time on inessentials and who cuts to the heart of any subject under discussion. . . .

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