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Profile 1 - Chris Koster

.By Seth DuChene with photography by Bernard Clark

Guitarist and backup vocalist for Kingston’s own The Glorious Sons, Chris Koster readily admits that when he was a pre-teen just getting his feet wet in
the rock-and-roll business, he had no lofty aspirations of, say, being a part of a chart-topping band, winning a Juno Award or opening for The Rolling Stones. No, his goals were more immediate than that: becoming the frontman of his older brother’s band.

When the opportunity came along, he seized it — sort of. “They were trying to get through ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ [by Guns N’ Roses], and none of them were good enough musicians to know where they were in the song without a vocal,” he recalls. “My brother [Dave ‘Billy Ray’ Koster, who would eventually become a Kingston rock mainstay in his own right] kind of ran things with a tough approach. He said, ‘Chris, I know you know the words. It doesn’t matter if you even just talk, we don’t know where we are.’ They had a mic set up. I was 11 or 12, and I started singing ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ so they wouldn’t get lost in the song.”

He wouldn’t relinquish the gig, although not for a lack of the group’s trying to find a replacement. “They would audition dudes every weekend, and all I wanted was to be in this band, which was my entire life. . . . .

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