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Profile 1 - Christine Sypnowich

.By Christina Decarie with photography by Kristen Ritchie

Christine Sypnowich’s work straddles two worlds that might seem, at first glance, disparate, but are in fact closely linked. She is a political philosopher and professor at Queen’s University and believes philosophers who care about equality should focus on human well-being — flourishing. According to Christine, this means “attending to, as well as nutrition, health, education and so on, a variety of social factors, such as culture, green spaces, heritage conservation, community.” This leads to another facet of her work: community activism, or what Christine would describe more as stewardship. It is a role that has directed her attention to the heritage village
of Barriefield, the Save KCVI-Save Kingston City Schools campaign and now on the city as a whole as she serves as chairperson of the Coalition of Kingston Communities.

Christine was born in 1960 in London, England, where her parents, Marcia and Peter Sypnowich, were part of a community of Canadian ex-pats in journalism circles, working on Fleet Street. . . .

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