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Profile 1 - Sue Steffes

.By Christine Hamelin with photography by Bernard Clark

The adventurous spirit of Sue Steffes (pronounced STEFF-us) has led to plenty of international travel, an influential Canadian road trip and a new journey as a felt artist. Sue’s courage to explore the world, to embrace nature and to follow her passions instead of settling for an unfulfilling, routine job have led to the creation of beautiful works of art in which pieces of her rich life experience are layered and fused together.

She and her older brother, Collin, grew up north of Edmonton. “We had an acreage with horses, chickens, cats and dogs,” says Sue. Living on the land was “extremely formative” and fostered in her a lifelong love of nature. “The nearest neighbours were quite far, so I spent lots of time alone, and with Collin, who was always looking out for me.” Their father, Russell, is a construction manager and their mother, Shirlene, worked as a social worker before the children came along.

A shy, quiet girl, Sue was excited about art from an early age. “I’d watch Collin, who is five years older than me, draw, and think he was so good at it,” she recalls. Her father had studied architectural technology “and was always sketching and drawing . . .

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