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Profile 1 - Ian Clark

.By Doug Bowie with photography by Bernard Clark

Jamie Farr was feeling sick. The American actor, best known as Corporal Klinger on M.A.S.H., was set to star in a play at Theatre Aquarius in Hamilton, opening in a few days. When it became clear that Farr would be unable to continue, an urgent call went out for a replacement — and the phone rang in a neat suburban home in Kingston’s west end with a simple question: Could Ian Clark come and save the day?

Within hours, Ian was packed and speeding down 401 to Hamilton, where he would be thrown headlong into Farr’s lead role with barely one week of rehearsal. On top of that, he had a prior commitment as a guest star on Murdoch Mysteries, which required him to be on set
for a full day of filming the day before the play opened. If that sounds daunting, Ian admits that it was. But he carried it off, and according to The Hamilton Spectator, “Ian Clark is perfect — playing a sexy senior with Viagra in his pocket and mayhem on his mind, he nails this comedy, lobbing home every zinger with crack timing and welcome warmth … It’s a hit!“ So save the day he did.

Such is the life of Ian Clark, Kingston’s busiest and most successful actor, who’s worked with the likes of Richard Burton, Bette Midler, Christopher Plummer and Nicolas Cage, who’s been a member of the Stratford and Shaw Festival companies, who’s starred on stages from Montreal to Miami, who’s hitched a ride on Dan Aykroyd’s personal jet and who lives quietly under the radar in Kingston . . .

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