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Profile 1 - Rhéni Tauchid

.By Renka Gesing with photography by Bernard Clark

Art has continually been a major part of Rhéni Tauchid’s life. “I’ve always done art,” she says. “I was always drawing. I was always doing creative things.” Recently, many of those creative things are paintings featuring acrylic paint manufactured locally by Tri-Art Manufacturing Inc., which was founded by her husband, Steve Ginsberg. In fact, her professional life revolves around acrylic paint, from its development and marketing through to teaching artists how to use this medium and using it on her own canvases.

Yet, Rhéni doesn’t call herself an artist. On her website, she is described as an author, painter and educator. In conversation, Rhéni says: “I am a paint technician, more than I am an artist. I am a painter, a writer, a factory girl.”

Rhéni was born in Ottawa in 1966. Her parents, Gisele and Mohamad Tauchid, met there and married in spite of their families’ initial disapproval. “My mother was marrying a foreign guy who was dark, who was Muslim.” Gisele is Franco-Ontarian — “I think I’m 14th generation French Canadian,” says Rhéni — while Mohamad descends from Indonesian aristocracy. He moved to Canada to study geology and geochemistry, and it is those interests which explain the origin of Rhéni’s name.. . . .

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