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Profile 1 - Diana Drury

.By Christine Hamelin with photography by Randy deKleine-Stimpson

When Diana Drury was inducted into the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) Hall of Fame as a Builder — her seventh induction — her friend Theresa Hanson, who introduced her, called her “a mighty woman who quite simply could run a small country.” These words aptly reflect Di’s lifelong excellence and leadership in sports, business and anything else she turns her mind to. A dedicated coach and a firm believer in the power of teams, Di is fiercely competitive and extremely humble, always sharing her many accolades with those around her.

Di was born and raised in the town of Peterborough. Her mother, Helen Zakos, was a real estate agent, a career she’s still pursuing today at age 80. She is Di’s mentor and biggest fan, often travelling with her to sports competitions. Her father, Jim (Tex) Drury, was very athletic, having played many sports in high school; he worked for Brown’s Bread. Helen’s Greek Orthodox family was from Kingston. Di says, “My mother would always come to Kingston during the summers as a child to learn Greek with her grandmother.” Di and her younger brother, Kurt, were raised by parents who believed sport was a great motivator for young people. She attributes her athletic prowess to a combination of genetics and family encouragement. . . .

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