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Profile 1 - Mariel Waddell

.By Renka Gesing with photography by Bernard Clark

When Mariel Waddell Hunter describes her creations, her deep brown eyes sparkle and her hands dance gracefully in front of her, hinting at the flowing shapes she captures in blown glass. “I didn’t even know that you could blow glass. I had no idea. I never saw glass in my entire life,” says Mariel, recalling her life before her studies at the Sheridan College School of Craft and Design in Oakville. “I was living on small islands that just didn’t have that. It’s a very new art form.”

Mariel is from Trinidad and lived there with her parents, Derek and Elizabeth, and two sisters, Jill and Sarah. But her father’s job with Coca-Cola moved the family around the Caribbean. “It was a great experience,” she says. “Trinidad I left when I was 11, and then I went to Barbados till I was 14, then to Costa Rica till I was 18. [That year] we all moved back to Trinidad, but that same summer, I moved to Canada for school.” . . . .

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