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Profile 1 - Karlyn Pixley

.By Christine Hamelin with photography by Bernard Clark

Karlyn Pixley, the inspiring, successful coach of the Frontenac Falcons senior girls’ basketball team, is struck by how in her life, “things change, and yet they stay the same.” Living, teaching and coaching in the same neighbourhood where she grew up and was a high school athlete, she feels her teenage life intertwining with her adult life; history is repeating itself. “I always had great coaches. How can you not want to give that back?”

She grew up in Collins Bay. “It used to be mostly farmland, and Gardiners Road wasn’t as built up,” she recalls. Karlyn attended Truedell Public School, and then Bayridge Public School. “Everyone from Truedell would go on to Bayridge Public, and then to Bayridge Secondary,” she explains. Her father, Ken Pennell, was a teacher at Bayridge Public School and a basketball referee for 28 years; he coached Karlyn in basketball in Grades 7 and 8. “It was fun,” she says, and it inspired her to think about becoming a coach one day. “I found a whole other family in the basketball group.” Her older sister, Krista, played volleyball and softball throughout high school, and Karlyn played basketball, soccer and volleyball. Their mother, Florine, “was not super athletic, but she was our biggest fan! She and the other moms were our team moms . . .

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