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Profile 1 - Donna Segal

.By Melanie Dugan with photography by Bernard Clark

“I come from an old Kingston family,” Donna Segal says, and adds, “two generations in Cataraqui Cemetery.”

She delivers this statement — a nod to the old chestnut that you’re not really a Kingstonian unless you have two generations of forebears buried in Cataraqui Cemetery — with dry humour. Donna has a direct, no-nonsense manner. She is pragmatic, but as we talk, it becomes clear that her pragmatism is in the service of a longer-term vision.

Trained as a nurse, Donna comes by her health care bona fides through her family; from 1925 to 1957 her grandfather, Fraser Armstrong, was Kingston General Hospital’s (KGH) first non-medically trained superintendent. Educated as a civil engineer at the University of New Brunswick, he was town manager of Woodstock, New Brunswick, and then Windsor, Nova Scotia, before being appointed to serve as administrative head of the hospital. Armstrong was also instrumental in developing the Community Cooperative Group Hospital Plan, Ontario’s first public health insurance plan. The Armstrong Wing of KGH, formerly the Fraser Armstrong Patient Care Centre, was named after him. . . .

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