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Profile 1 - Nick Allinson

.By Anne Ginn with photography by Randy deKleine-Stimpson

The artisan community is part of the uniqueness and diversity that makes Kingston a livable city. And while Kingston thrives on the creativity of these artisans, many of them are just beginning to find a way to make a life in the city they love. Known for his beautifully crafted charcuterie boards, Nick Allinson is one of these young creators; and he is busy building a life that balances his artistic goals, his ability to survive and his desire to be part of the Kingston community.

Nick grew up in Kingston’s west end. His father’s family was from Wolfe Island and Glenburnie, while his mother’s family origins were from across Canada, though his maternal grandparents subsequently moved to Kingston to be close to their grandchildren. Although his parents separated when he was young, Nick is close to both parents and step-father, all of whom taught him to sail and to appreciate the water. He spent most of his summers at the Collins Bay Marina, first learning to sail and then becoming a sailing instructor. . . .

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