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Profile 3 – Jill Glatt

By Anne Ginn
with photography by Kristen Ritchie

When Jill Glatt moved to Kingston from London, Ontario, five years ago, she knew she needed something different in her life. She chose this city based on its reputation — Queen’s University for its academic standing as she completed her teacher’s education, and the city itself for its beauty. What she found was a place where she could not only learn and grow but also expand her creativity, contribute to her new community and begin to put down roots.

Jill currently teaches Core French at both Molly Brant and Central Public Schools. She had never envisioned teaching French as a subject and had stopped taking it in Grade 11. Like many high school students, she found it a bit boring and could not see how French would fit into her life. However, during her undergrad at Western University, Jill took a class that changed her mind: “I took a linguistics class and thought ‘languages are really cool,’ and ‘what if I could talk to people in their native language? Wouldn’t that be fun.’”

In her elementary and high school education, Jill found that learning was easy for her. Only in university did she realize that if she wanted to be truly good at something, she would have to put in some hard work. “I think I had to get very comfortable, in undergrad, with doing poorly at things, which I hadn’t experienced before,” she says. “I had to own up to making a lot of mistakes, not just in academics but in life. . . .