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Profile 3 – Lindsey Belch

By Seth DuChenewith photography by Kat Kopiak More often than not, an individual’s success requires at least a little help along the way — from family, from friends and, sometimes, from other sources. Lindsey Belch knows that on her own personal journey, she’s been the beneficiary of a rock-solid support network. That’s undoubtedly a factor […]

Profile 2 – Kenneth Wong

By Nancy Dorrance with photography by Bernard Clark Ken Wong’s marketing education began at home, literally. Growing up in Montreal’s Chinatown during the 1950s, he listened each night to lively, sometimes heated “board meetings” around the family dinner table. But unlike the famously dysfunctional Roy clan from the television hit Succession, the Wongs always managed […]

Profile 1 – Sarah Anderson

By Christine Hamelinwith photography by Bernard Clark Sarah Anderson, a dynamic business owner in Bath and a prolific emerging artist, has created an exciting life filled with joy, art, nature and community connection. She was born in London, Ontario, to her parents, Blair and Laura, and is the older sister of brothers Kaydon and Craig. […]