Profile 3 – Elizabeth Turcke

By Christine Hamelinwith photography by Kat Kopiak Elizabeth Turcke feels that pretty much everything in her early life, and even her parents’ experiences with teaching and learning, have led her to where she is today. The founder and head of school at Leahurst College, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, Elizabeth remains true […]

Profile 2 – Aaron Forsyth

By Seth DuChene with photography by Bernard Clark Aaron Forsyth — perhaps better known to Kingston residents as EronOne — doesn’t see a blank wall. He sees the canvas for his next artistic creation. Aaron’s graffiti-inspired artwork has slowly generated a following in Kingston among both the business community and private citizens looking for a […]

Profile 1 – Chantal Thompson

By Nancy Dorrancewith photography by Bernard Clark Many performers resent interruptions from their audience, but Kingston jazz vocalist Chantal Thompson has a different perspective. “Why do a live show if you’re not going to acknowledge those who came to hear you?” she asks. “I won’t tell people to shush if they’re trying to communicate with […]