Profile 3 – Jill Glatt

By Anne Ginnwith photography by Kristen Ritchie When Jill Glatt moved to Kingston from London, Ontario, five years ago, she knew she needed something different in her life. She chose this city based on its reputation — Queen’s University for its academic standing as she completed her teacher’s education, and the city itself for its […]

Profile 2 – Gary Rasberry

By Seth DuChene with photography by Bernard Clark Perhaps it’s not at all surprising that Kingston musician and educator Gary Rasberry, the author of four books of poetry over the years, looks to a term coined by Canadian poet Al Purdy to best describe himself: a “designated oddball.” Purdy’s poem, “The Freezing Music,” tells the […]

Profile 1 – Kim Meathrel

By Nancy Dorrancewith photography by Bernard Clark Kingston plastic surgeon Kim Meathrel is the first to admit she’s had “kind of a meandering path” in life. At last count, the owner of Bespoke Skin MD possessed five university degrees, ranging from medicine and law to bioethics and business. Oh, and she’s also a certified sommelier, […]