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By Bill Hutchins Illustration by Wayne Westfall

The new council term at Kingston City Hall got underway in early December with the traditional swearing-in ceremony. Mayor Bryan Paterson and the 12 councillors took their Oath of Allegiance in the inauguration presided over by Justice Anne Trousdale.

Mayor Paterson was re-elected to a second term as Kingston’s 96th mayor, while eight incumbent councillors held onto their district seats. Four new
faces were elected in districts where the incumbents retired. The rookie councillors are Simon Chapelle, Bridget Doherty, Wayne Hill and Robert Kiley.

In his inaugural speech, Mayor Paterson says addressing the city’s crushing housing shortage will be a top priority during his first 100 days in office. He will ask for council’s support to establish a Mayor’s Task Force on Housing.

“This task force will bring key stakeholders together to examine best practices and to explore all possible tools and incentives the city can offer to enable developers, non-profits and community agencies to build more housing in general and more affordable housing in particular.”

Kingston’s rental vacancy rate stands at 0.6 percent, the lowest in Ontario. . . .

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