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By Bill Hutchins Illustration by Wayne Westfall

After decades of debate and study, the final piece of the funding puzzle to build the much-hyped $180 million third bridge crossing fell into place in late February. The federal government announced that it would put up its one-third funding share of $60 million to match earlier contributions made by the City of Kingston and the provincial government.

It means construction of the bridge can start in 2019.
“It’s an investment that I know is truly important to the city,” says Kingston and the Islands MP Mark Gerretsen.

The MP joined with Mayor Bryan Paterson and other city officials to make the historic funding announcement in Memorial Hall at City Hall, in the same room where Ontario’s transportation minister had committed similar support nearly one year earlier.

Mark Gerretsen later credited his provincial counterpart, Kingston and the Islands Liberal MPP Sophie Kiwala, for securing the provincial funding share, which, he says, created strong momentum for federal support.

Mayor Paterson says federal funding to begin construction of Kingston’s biggest ever infrastructure project completes a dream . . .

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