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By Bill Hutchins Illustration by Wayne Westfall

The City of Kingston is moving ahead with a crucial pre-construction phase of the third bridge crossing. But the outcome means that a handful of home and business owners will have to move.

Councillors gave staff the authority to open negotiations, or launch “last resort” expropriation, with
eight property owners in the area of Montreal Street and John Counter Boulevard. The city wants to buy those properties to make room for the bridge landing point on the western shore of the Cataraqui River.

Some of the properties are houses along a road that slopes down to the river. The timeline for property acquisition is critical if the $180 million bridge construction is to start in “mid to late” 2019, according to staff.

“If we don’t get that started this summer, staff can’t guarantee access to start the bridge work,” explains Peter Huigenbos, the city’s director of real estate.

The direction that council approved unanimously in May is to start work on possible expropriation . . .

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