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By Bill Hutchins Illustration by Wayne Westfall

Homestead Land Holdings Ltd. has unveiled revised plans for its residential tower project at the foot of Queen Street in downtown Kingston.

But it may not matter what staff, politicians or the public think about the 17- and 19-storey buildings. Homestead has filed an appeal with the Ontario Municipal Board, claiming the city took too long to make a decision on its application. The timeline to decide a planning application ranges from 120 to
180 days.

“They are just appealing the applications based
on council indecision on the matter. So this [project] has exceeded the timeline in the Planning Act that’s given for council to make a decision,” explains Chief Planner Paige Agnew.

The appeal, which coincides with the pending launch of a new round of public and staff discussions over the revised project design, caused initial confusion among city planners. . . .

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