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By Bill Hutchins Illustration by Wayne Westfall

Mayor Bryan Paterson has started the third of his four-year mandate — one that promises a raft of significant, costly and controversial decisions. “We’ve got some really important decisions to make as a council coming forward in 2017,” the mayor observed.

He outlined a number of crucial decisions that await council in the year ahead, ranging from the fate of Kingston Penitentiary and the third bridge crossing to kick-starting a new wave of economic development. But rather than fret over uncertain outcomes, the
ever optimistic mayor instead offers a positive spin
on the challenges ahead. “I feel like there’s a momentum that we have and the best is yet to come.”

The city has partnered with Canada Lands Company for the past year to undertake a public visioning exercise to come up with ideas to redevelop the former Kingston Pen and adjacent Portsmouth Olympic Harbour. The mayor says council will have a role to play by putting its final stamp on the outcome. “There will be a concept that would come forward for council approval. It’s not going to spell out every detail. It’s going to be a box that any new development is going to have to fit into.”

The concept plans, though still in the draft stages, have already revealed a wide range of potential uses for the mothballed prison and the city-owned marina space. . .

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