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By Bill Hutchins Illustration by Wayne Westfall

Another big residential development in Kingston’s midtown has cleared an important hurdle.

The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has dismissed public appeals against two 11-storey condominiums planned for opposite sides of Princess Street near University Avenue.

PRK Developments says its $100 million residential project, described as “gateway” landmarks to the downtown, will offer a total of about 400 units.

The OMB says the high-rise project is in accordance with the Official Plan (OP) and the Williamsville Main Street study that supports intensification along the midtown’s Princess Street corridor. “These landmark signature buildings are situated at a gateway location where taller buildings are appropriate and can demonstrate a positive contribution to the community as a whole, and meet the overall intent of the OP with respect to the design standards for high-profile sites,” according to the long-awaited ruling by OMB adjudicator Mary-Anne Sills.

The OMB notified the city of its decision late last year, more than a year after community appeals were filed against council’s decision . . .

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