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Inside Out:
News from around the horseshoe

By Bill Hutchins

Downtown Kingston businesses and
shoppers can expect more elbow room this spring
as the city plans to relaunch the Love Kingston Marketplace.

The initiative, first launched last summer during the COVID-19 pandemic, aims to block off selected
streets and sidewalks in the downtown core to promote outdoor patios, Indigenous programming,
art space, live music and other family-themed attractions.

The city planned to launch the Love Kingston Marketplace as a way to promote downtown businesses — struggling to recover from recent lockdowns of restaurants and retail stores and the cancellation of festivals — and provide more space for physical distancing until October 31.

City staff say the Love Kingston Marketplace concept of creating more space on streets and sidewalks will improve physical distancing downtown for pedestrian movement, seating and dining; allow businesses to expand operations outdoors; . . .

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