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By Bill Hutchins Illustration by Wayne Westfall

Bryan Paterson won a second term as Kingston’s mayor, handily defeating three challengers for the city’s top political job in the October 22 municipal election.

“It’s an amazing feeling. I often tell people that being able to serve this city as mayor has been such an honour and privilege, and to be able to have that opportunity for another four years is exciting,” he told reporters after securing his victory.

The mayor-elect collected 23,708 votes of the 34,529 total ballots cast, or 69 percent of the popular vote. Runner-up Vicki Schmolka finished a distant second with 7,545 votes, while Rob Matheson was third at 2,529, and Eric Lee finished fourth with 564 votes.

Paterson made no apologies for trumpeting the benefits of growth through intensification in order to generate more tax revenues, which in turn, he says, should allow the city to spend more on projects such as affordable housing and keep property tax hikes as low as possible. He believes his solid election victory is a mandate to continue with his policies and to “build on the momentum that we have.”

This election, Paterson says, offered voters a stark choice between growth versus stagnation. “I think this election was a referendum on the last four years and all that we’ve accomplished. It’s very clear Kingstonians like the direction the city is moving....

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