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Profile 2 - Sue Bates

By Nancy Dorrance with photography by Randy deKleine-Stimpson

Gene O'ReillyIt’s been said of former Queen’s University Alumni Association president and fervent football fan Sue Bates that “she bleeds tricolour.” (To a Queen’s alum, this is one of the highest compliments you could receive.)

For her first Halloween, Sue dressed as a Queen’s cheerleader, while the very first song she learned was the university’s iconic “Oil Thigh.” Her parents had met at Queen’s, and Sue’s mother, especially, was a huge fan of their alma mater. “Mom loved Queen’s with a passion that was mystifying to most,” her daughter recalls fondly. “She told my older brother and me, ‘You can go to whichever university you like … as long as it’s Queen’s!”

Originally from Thunder Bay, Sue’s mother, Katherine, had never considered going to Queen’s herself until she attended a presentation by the university’s charismatic chaplain, Padre “Marsh” Laverty. “She was mesmerized by a film reel he’d brought of the football team, and for her, that was it,” says Sue. “She was hooked!”. . .

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