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Profile 2 - Tim Pater

By Christine Hamelin with photography by Bernard Clark

Gene O'ReillyWth four thriving restaurants, Tim Pater is certainly leaving an imprint on his beloved downtown Kingston. A gentle, laid-back teddy bear of a man who is also an extremely hard-working entrepreneur, he believes in supporting his community. “I think that without a healthy community, you can’t have healthy businesses,” he says.

Tim and his older brother, Joe, were born in the United States. The family moved to Canada when Tim was three, and settled in Kingston when he was in Grade 2. “I’m pretty much a Kingstonian,” he says. The Paters lived in Calvin Park; Tim was in the French immersion program at École Cathédrale and then attended KCVI. He was strongly influenced by his parents. His mother, Beth, a nurse, anti-poverty activist, city councillor and supporter of public health, made him a community-minded person. “I’m very aware of a lot of the issues in the community, and I get involved in various organizations and fundraisers.” His father, Joe, a successful oncologist, was the founding director of the Canadian Clinical Trials Group at Queen’s University. “He’s a really hard worker, completely dedicated to what he does, and that was a big influence on me for sure. . . .

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