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Profile 2 - Walter Fenlon

By Anne Ginn with photography by Kristen Ritchie

Gene O'ReillyIf you are at one of Kingston’s many busy downtown coffee shops on any given weekday, you may spot a white-haired gentleman, always sharply dressed in a suit and tie, quietly reading a newspaper while he enjoys his morning coffee. An unobtrusive presence, Walter Fenlon is an integral part of the Kingston community in which he has lived and thrived for so many years.

The second youngest of seven children, Walter grew up during the 1930s and 1940s on a small farm in Stoco, near Tweed, Ontario. While they didn’t have much money, Walter felt that they never did without, since the farm provided much of the food to support the family. Certainly, these early years on the farm provided Walter with his strong work ethic, but he also credits his parents for the interpersonal values they instilled in him: “My parents taught us all very good values — how to live and how to treat other people; you never forget that, respect for everybody. And that has done me amazingly well through life.” . . .

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