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Profile 2 - Marc Garniss

By Doug Bowie with photography by Kristen Ritchie

Gene O'ReillyMarc Garniss and his bandmates were frustrated.

“We were a punk band and proud of it,” remembers Marc. “Punk is basically three chords played really fast and really loud. I thought we were pretty good — we certainly were loud — but club owners in Kingston had zero interest in us back then, circa 2000, and we couldn’t get a gig anywhere. Finally we landed a slot in a local Battle of the Bands, a chance for our big break. The problem was we’d never come up with a cool name for the band. Show time was looming, and we were brainstorming, arguing about names, and getting nowhere.

“As it happened, the Sally Jessy Raphael show, a tabloid talk show, was on TV. One of the guys, venting his frustration, blurted out, ‘I f***ing hate Sally!’ And we looked at each other and thought, hey, maybe we’ve found our name, although the organizer chickened out and dropped the ‘f***ing.’ After the show, no one said much about our music, but several people said they really liked our name. And so I Hate Sally was born and lasted for six years.”

Perhaps this incident typifies Marc Garniss’s approach to his life and career. “I’ve never had a master plan or an overarching goal. Things have just sort of happened serendipitously.” . . .

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