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Profile 2 - Al Cantlay

By Stephen Petrick with photography by Kristen Ritchie

Gene O'ReillyHills. Heart. Hunger. Humility. Hard Work.
These words hang in a picture frame in Al Cantlay’s downtown Kingston store. Known as the five H’s, they are the life lessons of the long-time athlete, coach, businessman and community leader — and meaningful to all those who have strapped on shoes to pound pavement or pace their way through country trails.

Hills can be difficult, both in running and in life, but they are necessary for growth. Al has tackled Fort Henry Hill more than a few times — in fact, one of his greatest personal accomplishments as an athlete took place there. And he knows about heart — it takes a bit of that to go from nearly “dead last” in your first race to being a top runner on a university cross-country team. He has also learned about the hunger it takes for a runner to improve him or herself and about the humility required for athletes to notice when they’re running too fast and need to slow down.

Al’s life story is definitely a case study in hard work . . .

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