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Profile 2 - Peter Taylor

By Christine Hamelin with photography by Kristen Ritchie

Gene O'ReillyA deep and spiritual thinker and a lifelong learner, Peter Taylor has inspired countless students in his 50-odd years as a math professor at Queen’s University and is now helping to develop a groundbreaking high school math curriculum.

Peter’s father, Peter, was from Vancouver, and his mother, Joan, was British. Peter senior’s sister went to school in England and Joan was her best friend. One summer, Joan visited Canada; she and Peter fell in love, and she returned to England. When war was imminent, she sailed to Canada, married Peter in Quebec and returned with him to Vancouver. During the war, having joined the army to work as an engineer, he was sent to Camp-X, a secret British training school near Whitby, Ontario, while Joan stayed with his parents in Vancouver. Because of the secrecy around the camp, he was officially “overseas,” but at one point, Joan was instructed to move to Rosedale, where she had an occasional visit from Peter. “I and my identical twin brother, Anthony (Tony), were conceived there,” says Peter, the son. “My mother returned to Vancouver, keeping a low profile, since her husband had been ‘overseas’ and she was expecting a baby.”

After the war, Peter remained in the army, and the family relocated every few years. A younger brother, John, was born. Peter recalls that the constant moving was difficult:
“I never made close friends easily. Communication is much easier with your twin,” he adds. . . .

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