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Profile 3 - Roslyn Hanes

.By Christine Hamelin with photography by Bernard Clark

A lifelong stargazer, a natural athlete and a talented, self-taught quilter, Roslyn Hanes is a Renaissance woman, fully engaged in her community.

She and her older brother, Roderick, grew up in Vancouver, where their father, Leslie Shemilt, was a chemical engineering professor and their mother, Beth, undertook various causes promoting social justice. “When I was eight, we went on sabbatical to London, England, for a year; we returned to B.C. but soon moved to Fredericton, where Dad started the chemical engineering department at the University of New Brunswick (UNB). I loved Fredericton and made lots of friends,” says Ros. She was a bit of a tomboy who played with a big gang of neighbourhood kids. Her parents had eclectic interests: Leslie collected stamps, masks and pewter tankards, and Beth had a huge cow collection. They encouraged the children to try out for sports teams and gave them many opportunities to grow, such as art camps. “I liked drawing and making tiny figures with Plasticine,” Ros recalls, “and from a very early age, I loved looking at the stars.”

Having a natural ability for science and math, she decided to become an astronomer and study science at UNB . . .

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