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Profile 3 - Gordon Sinclair

.By Christina Decarie with photography by Kristen Ritchie

Gordon Sinclair, though from London, Ontario, has made Kingston his home since the mid-70s, raising his family, teaching music, serving as a high school administrator and founding Kingston’s only chamber choir.

Gordon was born in 1948 to a large and blended family. His father, Archie, was a mailman, and his mother, Mary, worked occasionally and raised the children: George and David from her first marriage, and Gordon and his sister, Shirley, from her marriage to Archie. Another half-brother, Archie’s son from his first marriage, also named Archie, grew up separately from the family, with his maternal grandparents. “So complicated,” recalls Gordon. “Common now, but it was scandalous in the 1940s and 50s.” While Gordon did not grow up knowing his half-brother Archie well, he did get to know him in later years, before he died of ALS, the same illness that claimed their father.

It was, in Gordon’s own words, a “fairly dysfunctional family.” He explains: “Both my parents had what I would call fairly crushing experiences . . .”

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