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Profile 3 - Brian Perkins

.By Seth DuChene with photography by Bernard Clark

If you were a student in a technical program in the Kingston area over the past three decades, there’s a good chance that Brian Perkins had a direct or indirect impact on your education. As both a teacher in the Limestone District School Board and as a staff member at the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University, Brian devoted himself to technological learning. And if he was able to pass along even a fraction of his love for working in the mechanical arts and applied sciences, he would surely call that a success.

That passion predates his career in education and has continued in his retirement, having left the teaching profession almost four years ago. With his parents, Russell and Margaret, Brian moved from Belleville to Kingston at the age of one, as his father was making his transition from the Canadian Air Force to a trade in refrigeration. He says that his dad steered him toward a career in the trades as well.

“When I went through high school — I went to Frontenac Secondary here in Kingston — he thought I should get into the technical programs at that time,” he says. “I was kind of artsy, I liked music and art, but it was the right move. . . .

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