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Profile 3 - Katherine Stone

.By Christina Hamelin with photography by Bernard Clark

Just north of Kingston, at Silvers Corners, sits an old stone house; an historic landmark of the area, it was once a coach house bought by John Counter for his mother. Now, it’s the home of interior designer Katherine Stone, and she has maintained the period features while making it her own —open and always a welcoming place for family and friends.

Despite the fascination of the house — the characteristics, the details, the art on the walls — the best place to share Katherine’s vivacious spirit is the simplest: the screened-in porch sits between her house, the studio and the garden overflowing with colour and life. Like this space, Katherine’s life has always been a clear balance between her devotion to her family and work and her openness to the rest of the world.

A native Kingstonian, Katherine spent her early years growing up on Traymoor Avenue, attending Winston Churchill Public School and KCVI, before moving to Calvin Park, then considered the suburbs of Kingston. Although Katherine switched schools, the middle-school years in the 1960s were pivotal for her, with her deepest friendships forming during that time. . . .

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