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Profile 3 - Peng-Sang Cau

.By Anne Ginn with photography by Kristen Ritchie

Peng-Sang Cau is a consummate professional — a talented businesswoman with a keen intelligence and an ability to make things work. Transformix is the result of ambition, persistence and hard work. As president and CEO of the engineering firm, Peng keeps her personal and business lives separate. But it is clear to anyone who knows her story that her personal experience fuels her drive to create a successful company, to contribute to her community and to be an example for her children.

The ninth of eleven children, Peng was born in Cambodia to Chinese parents. Her parents, descendants of farmers, had immigrated to Cambodia when they were in their late teens. Despite very limited education, the two established a successful bicycle parts manufacturing business that supported numerous employees as well as house staff and the growing family.

For Peng’s parents, being kind to their workers was paramount, and they treated their employees with the same respect, compassion and fairness that they showed their children. “In respect to treating people, that was something that was literally preached to us from the get-go,” Peng says. Integrity and respect for others continue to influence how Peng operates her own business, but more important, it was this philosophy that saved her family’s lives.

Peng was five years old when the Pol Pot regime came to power in Cambodia. Under the Khmer Rouge, Peng’s family lost everything. . . .

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